The Intensive Cleaning Services we provide are designed to concentrate on the problem areas.

HIT have the right equipment and the right training to offer a solution to the worst of situations. Our serices can prevent costly repair or replacement bills from long term damage.

Our team of cleaning professionals pride themselves in HIT's quality and superior techniques. This creates a washroom facility of which you can be proud.


Residual drops of urine dry off, resulting in the formation and build-up of uric salts. These crystalise and develop into a semi-solid formation. As the formation extends, the flow of liquid is restricted, and as the rate of build-up accelerates it will eventually cause a blockage and/or damage to plumbing. This is accompanied by a lingering
smell of stale urine that permeates the washroom.

Our processes involve the treatment of the outlet pipes and drainage covers, as well as the cleaning and polishing of the stainless steel surfaces to the highest standard. Pod-type urinals are washed and cleaned, with outlets and drains cleared. Floor and wall surfaces are treated as well, providing a total santisation solution.

The results are totally clean washroom surfaces that are odour and stain free, which are easier and faster to maintain to this high level, saving regular cleaning time and ultimately cost.

WC Pans

There are numerous areas of a WC pan that collect build-up of urine and faecal matter. Common areas are under the seat mechanism, and within the flushing rim of the pan. Both faecal matter and uric acid tend to splash upward, and if not removed can create hygiene and odour problems.

Our processes involve the cleaning and treatment of the 'U' bend; the removal of seats which are scrubbed clean then treated and replaced; the cleaning and treatment of flushing rims; exterior scrub cleaning including behind the pan and the outlet pipe; scrub cleaning and treatment of the cistern exterior; wall washing below the 'splash' height; floor treatment around the pan, and finally a thorough antibacterial spray.

This results in WC pans that are odour and stain free, which are easier and faster to maintain to this high level, saving regular cleaning time and ultimately cost.


We clean Hand basins wether its Porcelain, Stainless Steel or science blocks,we clean all kinds of hand basins.


Whether it be concrete, Vinyl, Tile or Resin the HIT team can strip, seal, water blast and clean your washroom floor removing contaminates and odour, ask our friendly team for an assessment.


A HIT treatment on a shower will leave it fresh and hygienic, the drain traps will be acid treated to remove body fats and soap scum as well as bad odour from bacteria. The walls and ceiling along with taps and shower heads are treated and cleaned to refurbished condition. The stainless floor tray will be machine polished.

Floor Traps

These items are always forgotten and need a regular service as they connect to the drains.

A HIT treatment will clean the drain which is the major cause of Odour in most bathrooms and also entry for bugs such as fruit fly and cockroach.

We acid wash the drain and then apply and odour block seal to help prolong the clean life of the drain.