On Site Stainless Steel Polishing

All Benches, sinks, taps and extractor hoods are brought back to an as new standard. Ongoing daily cleaning, maintenance, image and shine is both faster and easier once the surfaces are restored to this level.

Intensive cleaning of all flooring types and ceramic tile surfaces

The removal of grease and contaminants leave the floors hygienic, bacteria and stain free.

Extractor deep cleaning

This is the removal of all grease and fat build-up from the hood unit and into the flue area.

A necessary step in fire prevention and meeting insurance conditions, as well as maintaining the highest of hygiene standards.

We also provide a full ducting cleaning service: assessment of the ventilation system; installation of access panels as required in cleaning the system from hot plate to the external vents. Removal of all grease and contaminant build-up provides a safe environment and eliminates the risk of fire through the ceiling cavity.

Deep cleaning of ovens and hot plates

Units are stripped and deep cleaned, removing all calcium and food solids build-up. All surfaces are polished and re-coated to a renovated standard. Ongoing cleaning and maintenance is both faster and easier once the surfaces are restored to this level.

Food preparation surface treatments

Grease and contaminant removal from all areas. We clean every surface and treat with an antibacterial agent creating a Grade A hygienic environment.

Refrigeration unit decontamination

All surfaces and seals of fridges and walkin cool stores are checked, cleaned and decontaminated. A true Grade A food storage standard results.

Display cabinet cleaning

Calcium and hard scum build-up is removed and the cabinets are polished. Units are returned to an as new renovated state.

Full sterilisation with food grade fogging chemical is the last step in the kitchens deep clean. This helps ensure all surfaces are bacteria free, creating the Grade A environment that all chefs, and the public, demand.

On Site Stainless Steel Polishing

Ovens and Hot Plates

Extractor and Ducting Deep Cleaning


Pest Control